Ongoing deadly anti-Hindu attacks in Bangladesh

Metro Detroit is home to a number of Bangladeshi Hindu temples. HCRC was honored to attend the Kalibari temple on Oct 24th, to hear the cries of those with loved ones impacted by the recent anti-Hindu violence. Numerous Hindu temples in Bangladesh have been desecrated, over 70 Hindu homes burned down, over 3200 ceremonial altars (puja mandaps) destroyed, and a number of humans, murdered. The attacks erupted after an extremist in the Muslim community placed a copy of the Quran at a Hindu site during Durga Puja on Oct 13, the BBC reported. A photo was taken and then spread, falsely alleging that the Quran was insulted by some Hindus.

Even after 12 days, the government has not been able to contain the anti-Hindu violence and has gagged temple leaders from talking to the press, who have shared that the violence is even worse than being reported. HCRC is NOT taking a position on the current Bangladeshi administration, however we strongly condemn the continued identity-based violence against Hindus in Bangladesh and elsewhere. We are directing our local community to engage with US federal level officials, who maybe able to provide a solution or support to ending the violence and saving Hindu lives.

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