HCRC warns against anti-Hindu conference and Hinduphobia

Speak the Truth (Satyam Vada) - Taittiriya Upanishad

The Hindu Community Relations Council strongly condemns the online event Dismantling Global Hindutva (DGH), expected to take place September 10-12, 2021. A significant number of parents, students, and community organizations have contacted HCRC with concerns about the safety, mental health, and identity-based bullying of Hindu Americans as a result of this event. 

The anonymous conveners claim that they have the sponsorship of numerous universities. The event is shrouded in secrecy- there was no call for papers, or anything one would typically find in organizing an academic conference. When the Hindu American community across the nation raised their collective voice in protest, several university administrations stated that they were NOT sponsors of this event.

We ask that the University of Michigan, and affiliated institutions that may be referenced by DGH publicly distance themselves from this event which is designed to target Hindus. In this highly charged atmosphere, a conference that seeks to promote violent and partisan propaganda against a visible minority religious group is an encouragement to the fringe to engage in discrimination, harassment, abuse, and outright violence towards Hindus.

We respect the freedom of speech and fostering academic discourse, but we must delineate that this is hate speech, which in the past has led to violence against members of our community, both in the US and abroad. Eloquent misrepresentation and maligning the identity of an ethnoreligious group with a broad brush is not intellectual discourse, nor is calling to "end Hinduism", as is observed in the public record for some of the activists noted as speakers at the DGH. As students and faculty return to the campus amidst a pandemic, they deserve an environment that respects their safety and security, both from a biological virus and the profound hate promoted by nefarious entities.

To all Michigan residents, we ask that you reach out to the administration of the University of Michigan, as well as to our elected Representatives and Senators in the State of Michigan.

Whether you are a taxpayer, a current student or alumnus/alumna of University of Michigan, or a parent of a student, please utilize the resources below to make your voice heard.